Hey sis, you have now enter a space where makeup artists like you are celebrated and encouraged to be Confident, Bold, + Aligned *fire emoji*

Every artist deserves to show up fully in their gift.

It's giving stuck...

You've been doing the work, but it feels like you're just moving in circles. You're ready for full clarity, confident strategy, and opportunities that propel your career forward....


The Mission

Terri Watson Beauty is a platform for makeup artists to connect, learn, and cultivate their entrepreneurial  journey. We are committed to the success and longevity of MUAs in the Beauty industry.


Branding allows your clients to recognize your brand. 


Strategy helps you to work efficiently and with a purpose.


"Move with confidence, 

get paid with confidence."


We move, and we move together.

It's bomb af, sis!

Between the Beat is a podcast dedicated to Makeup Artists all across the world who love a good confidence boost, advice here and there, or a good laugh. I share business, motivation, and overall success tips for Makeup Artists all around the world.


The business of makeup takes Consistency and Confidence!


Your Elevation Coach

I’m Terri Watson, a MUA Business Coach and Educator—and using my signature system, I help newbie to experienced-level makeup artists finetune their business, brand, and artistry skills.


I believe The business of makeup takes confidence & consistency. And once you are able to tap into that, with guidance... You will be undeniable!

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