Every artist deserves to show up fully in

their gift.

I equip MUAs with the tools & techniques needed to level up their business, brands, and artistry

I'm ready!

I love helping MUAs experience “ah-ha” moments!

My mission is To equip MUAs with the tools and techniques to level up their business, brand + artistry.



Branding allows your clients to recognize your brand. 


Strategy helps you to work efficiently and with a purpose.


"Move with confidence, 

get paid with confidence."


We move, and we move together.

Here's the thing, 

Overall, makeup artists are second-guessing their every move because they’re lacking confidence in their businesses, brands, and artistry skills.

They’re desperately seeking answers that’ll help them to consistently attract their ideal clients, charge accordingly, create content that resonates, fine tune their skills, and stay motivated along the way. 

And I want to help...

Let's get to work!


Meet Your 

I’m Terri Watson, a MUA Business Coach and Educator—and using my signature system, I help newbie to experienced-level makeup artists finetune their business, brand, and artistry skills.


I believe The business of makeup takes confidence & consistency. And once you are able to tap into that, with guidance... You will be undeniable!

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