Your MUA business is waiting on you to choose success!

I reached my goal of 10k months over and over again.. and now its your turn! 


Are you ready to choose your business, position yourself as a bookable MUA, and finally, move confidently + effortlessly through every decision in your business?


Well get ready, sis!

Here's the thing, 

Overall, makeup artists are second-guessing their every move because they’re lacking confidence in their businesses, brands, and artistry skills.
They’re desperately seeking answers that’ll help them to consistently attract their ideal clients, charge accordingly, create content that resonates, fine tune their skills, and stay motivated along the way. 
And I want to help...

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What's included?



✅ You're ready to attract your dream client!

✅ You're tired of not having strong systems in place!

✅ You want to establish more boundaries in your business!

✅ You're ready for new opportunities!

✅ You're ready to increase your rates!

✅ You are tired of working your 9-5!

✅ You are ready to go full-time in your MUA business!


My Signature framework is bomb AF.


Through the MUA Blueprint walk students through every area of their business & brand that needs fine-tuning for successful movement.


Determine how to connect with the right client each and every time. Who do you want to service? And why? This is where we determine your brand messaging and more!


Confidently move through your business, brand, and artistry like the expert you are!


Intake and assessment needed to determine the areas to best focus on when it comes to the student’s business, brand, and skills.


Now having a plan in place… and your ideal client outline, we then figure out how you should best price your services in a manageable way.


Share your skills online and learn how to craft consistent content for your business and brand.

Sis, I know the feeling...

 You've been doing makeup for a while now, but you're still moving in business all wrong.
While people are booking you, you aren't priced based upon your experience, you don't have a real brand and your processes are still mostly taking place in the DMs.
It’s time for you to start taking your business your business serious. 
And because I know EXACTLY how you feel, I want to help you get you MUA business together. 


Yay! You made it to the best part.

Here is what we're going to cover each week


Welcome + Mindset Shifts

We start with the mindset to build your MUA Blueprint


5 Pillars

Discover and implement the 5 pillars necessary to successfully implement your MUA Blueprint


Business Tings 

 Establish yourself as a licensed business owner with firm operation processes and procedures.


The Price is right

Elevate your skillset and client experience with a clear professional investment plan.  



Build a brand identity system and strategy that easily showcases your unique artistry and story.


Websites + Email list 

Learn how to use your website and email list effectively 


Do it for the 'gram

 Create content, captions, and more to successfully engage with your audience on social media



We've mapped it all out and now it's time to put the pieces together 

“I didn’t know you needed certain things like a coach to get to the next level, but the timing was right when Terri dropped the Makeup Blueprint. It was the best thing I could have done for myself” - Tiandra

“I’m grateful I took the jump because the bumps in the road didn’t happen as much when I started working with Terri as my coach.” - Tasha

“Terri will surprise you in any of her courses because she will help you find a pathway that you are trying to go and give you guidance along the way.” - Jhazmin